Message Of The Month

Greetings in the name above all other names…’Jesus Christ’!!!

As per the ‘Kalpana’ of His Grace our Metropolitan, Rev. Biju C.P and I have been appointed to this parish from this month onwards. We consider this as God’s will and praise the Lord for this privilege. For the past three years, Rev. Prakash Abraham and Rev. Isaac Mathew served fruitful ministry for our parish which has indeed helped in the restoration of our congregation. May God help them and their families abundantly to serve the word of the Lord in the newly assigned community. May God shower his blessings upon all the office bearers and committee members of our parish and all the other organizations to accomplish their responsibilities towards the Kingdom of God. Prayer and belief in Christ is the ultimate source that strengthens our life. We expect your kind prayers, cooperation and unity in Christ for our significant ministry. In the experience of daily life we are miraculously guided by the Lord, by thankfully remembering God’s care and love and with due respect to each other, let us remain integrated towards the Lord’s worship through which we can become a blessing in this country. My family and I would like to thank you all for your prayers & support during the time of our grief.

Yours in His Service,

Rev. Babu P. Kulathackal